Washington Nationals – World Series Champs!!

This happened back in October, but we are still on a high over the Washington Nationals becoming World Series Champs!  The last time the World Series was in DC was in 1933 when they were the Senators… it has been a long time coming!

Whether you’ve never watched a World Series, are a passive watcher, or die hard baseball fan, there’s something to be learned. That is the energy and the positivity in combination with a tight-knit team – can accomplish. 

The Washington Nationals have had what some in this area would call the “dc curse”, having won the division titles in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2017 only to fail to win the NLDS. This year, the Nats didn’t get off to a great start, according to Wikipedia, they had a 1% chance of winning the World Series.  Then something happened, they started winning games!  The stadium would go nuts over baby shark that Gerardo Parra had used as his walk up song.  Before they knew it, they were on a roll and wound up playing, and winning, the wildcard game to advance past the divisional round. They then swept the NLCS to advance to the World Series.  The World Series went on for 7 games, Nationals starting off strong, losing a bit of momentum to get it back to bring home the trophy.  So what’s different?  These guys are close and are enjoying the game. 

If you look at any elite high performing team, whether it be in sports, military (such as the seals) or in business, there is an aspect that glues it all together. It’s about the team, knowing they have your back while you have theirs, working towards your common goal and not letting personality differences get in the way. 

I’ve mentioned the Unbeatable Mind coaching certification I am current working on in previous posts and I believe it is relevant here as well.  When you know your 3 P’s (purpose, passion and principals) and are able to connect it to each mountain (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and intuition), that’s how to reach 20x. When you connect all that to a team on the same wavelength, it becomes even more powerful. 

The Nationals winning the World Series will go down as one of the best underdog stories in baseball.  That month seemed to bring everyone in the Washington DC area together.  We were all rooting for the Nationals, they are a good group of guys who love the game of baseball. 

How many days until spring training?!?

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