New Year – New Decade

Ahh the New Year… this year includes a new decade.  Que the “New Years Resolutions” and the “New year, new me” posts.  Don’t get me wrong, I am guilty of this too, even the last week, I have been sucked into to oh it’s a new year lets dump a ton of new habits into my life, workout like crazy, eat super healthy, etc… having done that the first 30 or so years of my life, I know it doesn’t work.  But why?  Your body is used to a certain routine, feeling a certain way, we like comfort, we crave comfort.  When we push ourselves out of comfort our body often times pushes back, saying wait a second, I am not used to this, I am not sure if I like it, that’s where the mental aspect of it all comes in.  If your mindset isn’t set up correctly or if you put too much change at one time, the discomfort will ultimately win.

I’ve talked about my fitness journey and how I was able to change my habits to lose over 60 lbs (you can read about that here).  I have also talked and put up my 2017 goals (you can read about that here), so today I am going to talk about my mindset going into 2020.

Looking back at the last decade, I have had a list of goals I have continued to accomplish and re-adjust.  I am happy to say, this year I have had to make a new list.  There are still a few things on the older list but my mindset has shifted.  So what changed? 

A few years ago I was asked to put together my motto, after thinking through it for a bit, I came up with “Anything you do in life should either be fun or help you achieve your goals”.  If it happens to be both, even better, but overall anything I do fits into one or both of those categories.  Simple.  This past year I have taken it a step further.

July 2019, I was accepted and started training to become a certified Unbeatable Mind Coach and it has been an incredible eye opening experience thus far.  It has really required me to look inside myself, ask the really hard questions, get to know me even deeper than I ever have before, if I am going to be a coach, I need to know the process, the ah-ha moments, the struggles.  One of the biggest things I have worked on over the last 6 months is figuring out my purpose to then connect it with my passion and my principals, what Unbeatable Mind calls the 3Ps.  On the outside that seems simple but there is a lot of self-reflecting that has gone into figuring out what all that means to me.  There were days I would get frustrated because I didn’t know the answer, there were days I felt I knew the answer but didn’t know how to explain it. I would write every morning as part of my morning ritual and realized there was a theme emerging… then the ah-ha moment for my purpose:

To inspire those around me through my actions and to bring more love and kindness back into our world. 

Once that became apparent, my next question was how to I go about doing this?  Where do I even begin?  What I’ve come up with so far is by writing blogs such as this, opening my heart, sharing who I am, my challenges and how I’ve overcome or am trying to overcome them.  By trying new experiences, pushing myself out of my comfort zone and talking about it without the rosy filter.  Continue to learn about myself and share those findings, even if it means I was wrong in previous thinking.  This is not an easy thing for me to do but in life, often times, the hardest thing is the one that’s most worth it.  All of this in hopes it reaches just one person… then that person can reach one person…

One of my goals this year – write a weekly blog.  I have been inconsistent in the past.  I have half written blogs only to not post them for fear of the response I’d receive or saying the wrong thing.  In the upcoming weeks I will post them – ones on the docket, what I learned from the Nationals World Series win, Unbeatable Mind Experience and remainder of the quotes I was dissecting last year, plus a few more exciting things I have planned in 2020!

Check back every Friday morning for a new blog.  Hold me accountable. Until next week…

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