Inspirational, goal-oriented, and community-focused best describe Megan Eunpu. Those who know Megan best, know that since childhood Megan possessed a strong desire to share inspiration through her experiences and to make this world a better place by learning and striving to become a great leader.

Megan finds passion in meeting new people, hearing their stories and experiencing as much of this world as it has to offer. She has flown on a flying trapeze, traveled to over 60 cities around the world (and counting), and confidently graced the stage at a bodybuilding competition after losing over 60 lbs (just to name a few). She has recently discovered her passion for writing.  One of the best ways to bring her experiences to life is to write about them (check out her blog).

In April 2018 Megan was crowned International Ms. Virginia that spearheaded Inspiration Across Nations and sparked an even bigger desire to give back. Upon returning home after International Ms. with more knowledge, Megan knew her pageant journey was not finished yet.  She applied and became Miss Capitol Hill DC for America 2019.

Megan was crowned and now holds the title of Miss DC for America.  She competed in to be the first ever Miss for America 2019 in August and came away with the Publication “Sponsorship” Award!  Having grown up in the Washington DC area, she is beyond honored to represent our nation’s capital.

As founder of Inspiration Across Nations (IAN), Megan and the IAN team, highlight inspiring stories from both individuals and organizations. Megan conceived of the idea after realizing there are so many amazing people and organizations whose stories are never told. She wants to change that through Inspiration Across Nations.  She is currently working on enhancing the Inspiration Across Nations Platform, keep watch for an official announcement in the near future!

As founder of Operation XYZ, Megan and the Operation XYZ team created a platform to bring awareness and raise money for established military charities through challenges.  The theory behind the name is various operations with a clear objective.  The first, Operation Semper Fi.  Read more on the Operation XYZ page!

Megan obtained her undergraduate degree in business marketing at the University of South Carolina. Post-college, after a short time in Charlotte working for NASCAR, she returned to the DC area and began her career in technology. She is currently the Director of Business Development for BRMi, providing end-to-end technology services to the federal government and commercial customers.

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