Megan has taken inspiration to a creative level with Inspiration Across Nations, a platform to highlight inspiring stories about non-profit organizations and individuals who give back to their community.

When Megan set out searching the internet for an organization to volunteer with, her search results were scattered, and she was discouraged by how difficult it was to find a single outlet that offered insights on various organizations, beyond financials. While there was a lot of information about organizations, she was unable to find a platform to gain insights on the actual volunteer experience. She also realized the community could benefit from a single location of inspirational stories about the people and organizations who work tirelessly to make this world a better place. Thus, Megan founded Inspiration Across Nations to fill that void.

So far, her drive to find out about community-focused work in the Washington DC area, and beyond, has brought Megan together with Girls on the Run, Marleigh’s Ministries, PCOS advocacy, WE Model, Best Kids, and many others. That is in addition to learning more about the work and goals of other pageant queens she has met along the way. In conversations with leaders and volunteers, Megan often finds that people’s own struggles and triumphs have led them to inspire others experiencing similar trials. The way these amazing people transform personal pain into a path toward healing others never ceases to inspire Megan.

Through the stories shared on Inspiration Across Nations, Megan aspires to bring readers a breath of fresh air, true inspiration and a personal perspective of the volunteer experience. Megan says, “If just one story inspires someone to not give up, to help them find a place to volunteer, and to provide hope for the future, then Inspiration Across Nations is a huge success in my eyes.”

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